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KSCP=CalendarPlus Web Part
KFUF=File Upload Field Type
KAPL=KWizCom SharePoint Foundation
INST=PoSH SharePoint Installer Script
SACL=Sample Calendar Plus fixer
SLFR=SLFE Framework
LFEA=KWizCom Custom Actions
SLFE=KWizCom Forms (Pro edition)
KSME=KWizCom Mobile
DLFT=Cascading Lookup Plus Field Type
KLCP=List Chart Web Part
CMFS=Clipboard Manager
EAGC=Enterprise Aggregation Caching Feature
SPEC=File Controller Feature
IRWP=Image Rotator Web Part
KKLA=List Aggregator Web Part
KDDF=List Filter Plus Web Part
KLIE=List Inline Editor
SLMP=List Marquee Web Part
KMWP=Media Plus Web Part
ORCT=Org. Chart Web Part
KIGP=Picture Library Plus Web Part
KCRS=Rating Solution
SRLV=Remote List Viewer
KRRF=Repeating Rows Field Type
KSNF=Notification Feature
QPWP=SurveyPlus Web Part
KSTF=Tagging Feature
KGRW=User/Group Redirection web part
SWPS=WikiPlus Solution
KWAT=Workflow Activity Toolkit
IMUS=iMUSH Feature
WIEX=WikiPlus Export Utility
WIIM=WikiPlus Import Utility
WIUP=WikiPlus Upgrade Utility
WIRN=WikiPlus Release Notes
DVWP=Data View Plus Web Part
KSQP=Quick Previewer
READ=Readme file
WPMT=Wiki Plus Migration Tool
KKPI=KPI Field Type
KOFF=KWizCom SharePoint Office Tools Foundation
KCWP=Charts for SharePoint
RRUP=Repeating Rows Update Tool
DSRE=Datasheet View for SharePoint 2013
CFFT=Conditional Formatting Field Type
SDBF=Discussion Board Feature
DBUF=Discussion Board URL update script
DVPP=Data View Plus Web Part (Professional edition)
KFPP=KWizCom Forms (Pro Plus edition)
KSFB=KWizCom Forms (Enterprise edition)-OLD
KCPP=Charts for SharePoint (Professional Edition)
KLAP=List Aggregator Web Part (Professional Edition)
KSUF=URL Field with File Picker
FPRF=Field Permissions
FCNF=Field Constraints
DEFF=Default Values
FCLF=Field Grouping
VIPF=View Permissions
KPIM=Risk Management Chart (STD edition)
KCIP=Current Item Property Web Part
CMSC=Copy-Move SharePoint Content
TFRS=SharePoint Find & Replace
PKDV=Data View Plus extra layout pack-1
APONL=All APPs Foundation Packages
KCLC=Cascading Lookup Console (CLC)
APRRW=Repeating Rows App
APFCR=File Controller App
APDCP=Column Permissions App
APCON=Field Constraints App
APCAL=Cascading LookApp
APCOF=Conditional Formatting App
APKPI=KPI Column App
APPAS=Paste+ App
APREC=RecAPPtcha for SharePoint
APCNT=Countdown App
KSFE=KWizCom Forms (Enterprise edition)
KSFC=KWizCom Foundation Components (Prev)
APTCH=KWizCom Touch
APSCN=Scan App
APRLV=List View Plus App
APDVP=Data View Plus App
APLAG=List Aggregator App
APPGL=Picture Gallery App
APPRN=Print App
KAFT=Aggregated Calculated Column
KPIP=Risk Management Chart (Pro edition)
DVTB=Data Visualization Tools Bundle
APORG=Org. Chart App
SPFT=Signature Pad Column
APCLP=CalendarPlus App
KSFC=KWizCom SharePoint Foundation Components
ESLB=Enhanced SharePoint List Bundle
KCBP=SharePoint Collaboration Plus Bundle
PMB=SharePoint Project Management Bundle
iMUSH=KWizCom iMUSH (Full package)
W2PB=SharePoint WEB 2.0 Plus Bundle
WCMB=SharePoint Web Content Management (WCM) Bundle
APMLU=Modern lists app upgrade
CMMU=Copy-Move SharePoint Content Modern UI
APDEF=Default Values App
APFGP=Form Custom Layout App
allapps=All app packages
allappsfoundation=APPs foundation packages
APDVP1=Data View Plus App (on-prem)
mdupg=modern apps upgrade
kwizmodernapponprem=KWizCom modern apps upgrade onprem
kwizmodernapp=KWizCom modern apps upgrade
kwizComappsfoundation=KWizCom Apps Foundation
kwizcomappsfoundationonprem=KWizCom Apps Foundation onprem
kwizcomappsfoundationsc=KWizCom Apps Foundation SC
ALLAPPSBASE=All APPs Base Packages
ULTPCK=Ultimate package (add-ons)
SLFEFULL=KWizCom List Form Extension Full
INST=PoSH SharePoint Installer Script Compatibility All
ClientAgent=KWizCom Client Agent
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Got product package: Readme file
Got product package: WikiPlus Upgrade Utility
Got product package: EULA
Got product package: KWizCom Forms (Pro Plus edition)
Got product package: KWizCom Forms (Enterprise edition)-OLD
Got product package: Charts for SharePoint (Professional Edition)
Got product package: iMUSH Readme
Got product package: Current Item Property Web Part
Got product package: Data View Plus extra layout pack-1
Got product package: File Controller Feature
Got product package: Media Plus Web Part
Got product package: Remote List Viewer
Got product package: Discussion Board Feature
Got product package: WikiPlus Import Utility
Got product package: WikiPlus Export Utility
Got product package: KWizCom Forms (Enterprise edition)
Got product package: Workflow Activity Toolkit
Got product package: KWizCom SharePoint Office Tools Foundation
Got product package: Clipboard Manager
Got product package: Rating Solution
Got product package: List Aggregator Web Part
Got product package: Tagging Feature
Got product package: KWizCom Foundation Components (Prev)
Got product package: KWizCom SharePoint Foundation
Got product package: KWizCom Forms (Pro edition)
Got product package: KWizCom Forms (Pro edition)
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